What vegetarian, Halal, vegan or gluten-free options are offered in the Campus Eateries?

For information, contact Anne Zok, Nutrition Manager at Hospitality Services


Where and how do I top up my campus meal plan?

For your convenience, you can top up your meal plan online.
You can also stop by the the Campus Meal Plan Office in Room 150, Lambton Hall

  • Call: 519 661-3957
  • Email:
  • Visit:
  • ** debit, Visa or MasterCard accepted

Can people who live in residence eat on campus?

Yes! Many more payment options are now available to our customers. Along with the traditional campus meal plan card and cash, we now accept debit, Visa and MasterCard in most of our operations. Remember, if you use your residence meal plan, you maintain your tax-exempt status however, you do pay full retail pricing.


Who do I address a food or beverage complaint to?

Please submit your comments or suggestions to

How do I make a reservation or contact the Green Leaf Cafe at Somerville?

The Green Leaf Cafe at Somerville is now open year-round!

How do I contact Great Hall Catering?

Who do I talk to in Hospitality Services about operating a bake sale or BBQ?

For safe food handling guidelines and contacts, visit our Campus Food Events Safe Food Handling Guidelines page.

Who do I talk to about opening a food franchise or new concept on campus?

All of the franchises at the University are owned and operated by Hospitality Services. The franchise selections are highly scrutinized through customer surveys and trends within the industry. Usually, five year contracts are implemented and renewed if the operation has proven to be popular and successful. For further information, please contact Kevin McCabe, Associate Director, Hospitality Services at


How do I get a job in Hospitality Services?

For more information about employment opportunities with Hospitality Services, visit our employment site.

Is Hospitality Services hiring?

For more information about employment opportunities with Hospitality Services, visit our employment site.


How do I find out what eateries are open on campus?

Visit us online...


Is Hospitality Services sustainable?

Definitely! For more information, visit us our Sustainability site.

What does Hospitality Services do with leftover food at the end of the day?

We are pleased to support the Ark Aid Mission by donating baked goods from all our eateries, at the end of each working day.

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